Commercial IT advisors and professional deal negotiators

Synergos is a specialist commercial and technical consultancy. We support large private sector organisations to meet domestic and international business challenges across the entire lifecycle of their software and IT services estates – dealing with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP and the IT majors, together with a wide range of other software vendors and global services providers.

We work with you across all tiers of the technology stack and the cloud environment, supplying specialist skills which greatly strengthen your commercial position when negotiating with suppliers and vendors. Our aim is to enable you to strike superior deals and to manage the procurement and run costs of your IT estate much more astutely.

Our unique strength lies in bringing three areas of expertise together under one roof: long experience of negotiating large, often complex transactions, deep understanding of the relevant technologies, and detailed knowledge of the IT majors’ contracts, pricing and service offerings.

We carefully focus our services suite at those points where we can make a real difference. Our core proposition is to make targeted interventions precisely where we can save you a great deal of money or substantially reduce your IT risk exposure.

Our people work in close co-operation with your people, your technology, procurement and legal teams, augmenting and empowering them with specialist expertise in IT negotiations, detailed market knowledge, niche industry insight and access to senior-level vendor relationships. The breadth and depth of our experience provides you with a highly focused and effective service.